Trump refuses to grant protected status to Dorian victims

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump refuses to grant temporary protected status to the Bahamian victims. The Carribean tourist spot was hit by a tornado last week.  

The Trump administration on Wednesday refused to grant protected status to the Bahamian victims of hurricane Dorian. The protected status would have allowed the Bahamians to live and work in the U.S until its deemed safe to return back. The same status is currently granted to 300,000 living in the United States from 10 countries, including the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Two days ago, while talking to the press, President Donald Trump has called some of the Bahamians to be “very bad people”, “gang members” and “Drug traffickers”. He said, “I don’t want to allow people who weren’t supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the United States, including some very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers.”

Senators from different States have criticized Donald Trump’s decision. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate tweeted, “Let’s be clear: This decision is racist and cruel. We should grant Temporary Protected Status to Bahamians fleeing Hurricane Dorian. A Warren administration will reinstate TPS to protect refugees who are at risk in their home countries.”


Similarly, Senator Jeff Merkley from the Oregon State has also criticized Donald Trump’s decision of not allowing Dorain victims to enter the United States.


The hurricane instantly killed 48 people and displaced thousands of Bahamians. Dorian was classified as category 5 storm with 185 mph winds. It is the strongest storm that ever hit the countries near the Atlantic Ocean.


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