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Telegram uses hilarious meme to troll WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

Since its news policy over privacy, WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, has been facing massive criticism from users.

A similar app like WhatsApp, ‘Telegram’ has seen an increase in download rates as many people are using the app instead of Whatsapp. The new rules and privacy policy of WhatsApp will be implemented from 8th February 2021, and users must accept them, otherwise, their accounts will be deleted.

Most of the users are outraged over the change in WhatsApp and Telegram, on other hand, is not leaving any chance to promote its messenger application and troll WhatsApp on social media: 

Moreover, Tech giant Elon Musk, ha also suggested using the Signals app in a tweet after WhatsApp’s news privacy policy. Just after his tweet, the number of new users on the signal increased so much that the registration of new users was also delayed.