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Sons of KDA employees received illegal postings, promotions

KARACHI: Work-charge employees at Karachi Development Authority (KDA) have been protesting the non-payment of salaries for the past three years due to the negligence of the Sindh Local Government Department. The department eventually regularized 51 employees.  However, it has been

KDA employees call off protests after assurances from director-general

KARACHI: Karachi Development Authority (KDA) employees have called off their protest against non-payment of salaries after receiving assurances from the director-general. Hundreds of work-charge employees have been protesting at the Civic Centre for over a month against the non-payment of

KDA workers protest against non-payment of salaries since three years

KARACHI: Over 300 workers of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) have started protest demanding the payment of salaries due since the past three years. After contractual workers,  work charge employees have geared up for a show of strength to protest