Vehicles of School Education Dept being used by unauthorized persons

KARACHI: The official vehicles of the School Education Department, a subordinate directorate of the education department, have not been recovered from unrelated persons for the last several years. Several officials of the department have not returned the vehicles even after

Smog grips Lahore once again as AQI reaches 400

LAHORE: Smog has once again gripped the capital city of Punjab as the rank of Air Quality Index (AQI) has reached 400. On Tuesday morning at 9 am, as soon as autumn begins, the noxious smog engulfs large parts of

Importing Japanese cars

A comfortable, safe and sturdy, fuel-efficient, and affordable car is the dream for every Pakistani. For those who are unable to afford locally-assembled cars, the import of reconditioned Japanese cars is a viable option. These durable and high-quality vehicles are

Govt bans purchase of vehicles for ministries

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has placed a ban on the purchase of all kinds of vehicles and new recruitment in all ministries and divisions in the current year 2019-20 keeping other expenditure at the bare minimum in order to ensure