Andrassy – famous sweet confectionary you must try

Pakistanis are known for having a sweet tooth. There are a wide variety of desserts, sweetmeats, and confectionary items but some are still little known. Andrassy is a famous sweet from the Punjab province popular in Lahore and Kasur. It

The Most Milky Dessert ‘Rabri’

Rabri, a mouth-watering sweet, milky delight originated from India. The dessert is widely eaten at weddings and events across Pakistan.  Rabri is made by boiling milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its

Salma Hayek sends sweet message to Antonio over Oscar nomination

LOS ANGELES: Salma Hayek praised long-time friend and former co-star Antonio Banderas on his Oscar nomination for Best Actor. While taking to social media Salma Hayek posted a photo on Instagram and said, “After 20 years of knowing you, it’s