Apple cuts fees for small developers on app store

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple said it would cut in half its App Store fees to 15 percent but only for app developers earning less than $1 million annually. The company made the announcement in the face of lawsuits over its 30

Michelle Obama to debut podcast on Spotify

NEW YORK: Michelle Obama will debut as a podcaster later this month on Spotify, hosting a show aimed at helping listeners open new and “hard conversations” with their loved ones. “For this first season, I’ll be talking with some of

Kim Kardashian to host criminal justice podcast

LOS ANGELES: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has reached a deal with Swedish music streaming company Spotify to host a podcast related to criminal justice reform. The show will be available exclusively on Spotify and will connect her work

Top 10 Mobile Apps Of 2019 That Made Life More Easy

Technology apps have come on strong in recent years. These apps are one that accelerates or supports daily life routines. There are top ten mobile apps used mostly in the year 2019 that are mentioned below: Uber: Uber is the