Raqeeb Se

A look back at top ten Pakistani dramas of 2021

There is no doubt Pakistani dramas have made enormous strides over the last decade, raising the bar for quality writing, strong plot, and social issues. Although coronavirus affected many industries Pakistani TV dramas managed to entertain audiences with chunks of

‘Raqeeb Se’ proves dramas with strong storyline need no glamorous ending

Starring Nauman Ejaz ‘Raqeeb Se’ is a thought-provoking drama with a roller coaster of emotions and a progressive storyline. Little did we know the drama would be indifferent, something else from its very first episode. The masterpiece of art surrounds

Five Popular Dramas That Have Been Trending Since First Aired

Besides coronavirus and lockdown, the year 2020 has given an amazing range of drama serials. Some of the drama serials which when first aired had been the talk of the town, such as the season of ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’. Now

Singer Hadiqa Kiani to make acting debut in drama ‘Raqeeb Se’

KARACHI: Singer and songwriter Hadiqa Kiani is all set to make her acting debut with the upcoming serial named ‘Raqeeb Se’. Speaking about her character in the play, the singer shared that at the first glance, viewers will see Sakina