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Problems of Young Pakistan

Pakistan has a large number of youth population. About 193 million youth of Pakistan is facing so many daunting challenges. Currently, 64% of the nation is younger than 30 and 29% of Pakistanis are between 15 and 29 (an age

Problems of farmers

Agriculture is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and accounts for18.9% of the GDP and employs 42.3% of labour force. The sector directly supports three-quarters of the country’s population, employs half the labour force and contributes a large share of

Resolving Karachi’s issues

The 20 million people of Karachi, the biggest and the most diverse city of Pakistan, have been facing various problems for a long time. Water scarcity, power outrage and worst sewerage system are some of the major issues and the

Iqra, Yasir highlight problems of water-deprived community in Sindh

KARACHI: Pakistan’s much-appreciated drama stars Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have certainly won their fans ‘ hearts by addressing the problems of the water-deprived community of Sindh. The celebrity couple, who frequently publish pleasant messages on social media platforms, appear

Women’s transport woes

Aside from social norms and restriction, a crucial factor hindering women’s participation in the labour force, continuing their education, or engaging in other activities is access to public transport. There are deep-rooted cultural and religious norms against women coming in

PM assures to resolve problems faced by business community

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reaffirmed that the present government is fully committed to providing all possible facilities to the business community. Talking to a delegation of representatives belonging to various Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the prime