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Afghan Taliban have ‘not met their commitments’ in peace deal: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The Afghan Taliban are not meeting the promises they made in the peace agreement with the United States, including reducing violence and cutting ties with Al-Qaeda, the Pentagon said. “We are still involved in trying to get a negotiated

Afghan deal hits a roadblock

The US-Afghan Taliban peace deal has hit its first roadblock just days after being signed. The historic agreement was meant to usher a new era of peace and stability but cracks have begun to emerge threatening the entire peace process.

US-Taliban peace deal diplomatic victory for Pakistan: Aviation Minister

Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan has termed the US-Taliban peace agreement as a big diplomatic victory of Pakistan. Talking to journalists in Rawalpindi today (Saturday), Ghulam Sarwar said that Pakistan was closely linked to the peace process that led

US, Afghan Taliban agree to sign historic peace deal on Feb 29

DOHA: The United States and the Afghan Taliban are set to sign a historic agreement later this month to pave the way to ending America’s longest war. The announcement comes hours after the Afghan government said a weeklong partial truce

US-Taliban partial truce

The United States and the Afghan Taliban have secured a seven-day truce in violence raising hopes for a peace agreement to end the decades-old war in the country. US President Donald Trump has expressed confidence and said that a peace

Trump offers again to mediate between Pakistan and India

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump has once again offered to resolve Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. It is the second time he is offering to mediate between Pakistan and India. Donald Trump today spoke to the reporters at the White