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Increase your height with this healthy drink

A good height is a reflection of personality, even across cultures, a taller stature is linked to increased social status. It is a myth that after 16 your height stops increasing, you can still grow your height.  But people generally

Netflix renews British drama ‘Bridgerton’ for another 3 seasons

LONDON: Famous British drama ‘Bridgerton’, which become streaming platform Netflix’s biggest series ever with more than 82 million households tuning in to watch the show, has been renewed for another three seasons. Netflix has renewed popular period romantic-drama Bridgerton for

Sindh govt vows to support IBA, EFP initiative in producing professional IR managers

KARACHI: The government of Sindh will extend its full support in promoting Diploma Program in Employment Laws and Industrial Relations initiated by EFP in collaboration with IBA under the technical assistance from ILO. This was stated by Abdul Rasheed Solangi,

48% Pakistanis optimistic about improvement in economy: Survey

ISLAMABAD: Almost half of Pakistanis are optimistic about improvement in the country’s economy and are looking forward to 2021 despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the latest survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan, 48 percent of Pakistanis

Coronavirus declared more dangerous for Americans at Christmas

WASHINGTON: American scientist has called the coronavirus more dangerous during Christmas. According to a foreign news agency, American scientist Dr. Anthony Fauchi has once again warned the Americans that coronavirus will be more dangerous because of Christmas. He said the

Nepotism is in every industry: Azfar Jafri

From blockbuster ‘Sher Dil’ to the hit romantic-comedy ‘Parchi’, Azfar Jafri has directed one of the most popular films in Pakistani cinema. Azfar Jafri made his debut with his horror film ‘Siyaah’, and later in 2013 rose to more prominence