Coronavirus declared more dangerous for Americans at Christmas

WASHINGTON: American scientist has called the coronavirus more dangerous during Christmas.

According to a foreign news agency, American scientist Dr. Anthony Fauchi has once again warned the Americans that coronavirus will be more dangerous because of Christmas.

He said the new year would be a challenge for the United States as coronavirus could take a dangerous turn after Christmas.

“We are in a critical situation right now, so we have to keep the facts in mind,” said Dr. Anthony Fauchi. “We must adopt Corona SOPs to avoid a crisis,” he further said.

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The global pandemic coronavirus has infected more than 679.34 million people worldwide and killed 1,550,169. In the world, 370,474 patients of coronavirus have been cured and more than 19.3 million are undergoing treatment. 

The situation in coronavirus is the worst in the United States, with 290,443 deaths and more than 153.69 million cases reported.

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