Johnson wants Huawei 5G but without hurting national security

LONDON: Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke with U.S. President Donald Trump and expressed concerns about telecoms technology as he prepares to announce that Britain will use China’s Huawei in its 5G networks, officials said. The two leaders “discussed many issues

European leaders urge Iran not to withdraw nuclear deal

BERLIN: Germany, France, and Britain’s leaders on Monday have advised Iran to abandon steps against the 2015 nuclear deal after Tehran declared that it would no longer stick to an enrichment limit. In a joint statement released on Monday, German

U.K. Election: Voters again to decide fate of Brexit today

LONDON: Voters go to the polls on Thursday in an election that will pave the way for Brexit under Prime Minister Boris Johnson or propel Britain toward another referendum that could ultimately reverse the decision to leave the European Union.

Donald Trump hails ‘unstoppable force’ if Johnson and Farage unite

Mississippi: President warns prime minister about his Brexit deal, urging him to “get together” with Nigel Farage. The President blindsided Downing Street by giving an interview to the Nigel Farage that overshadowed the prime minister’s efforts to sell his withdrawal