US Senate votes to proceed with Trump’s impeachment trial

WASHINGTON: A divided US Senate voted largely along party lines to move ahead with Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on a charge of inciting the deadly assault on the Capitol, but conviction appears unlikely barring a major shift among Republicans. The

Trump names new lawyers to lead impeachment defense team

WASHINGTON: Former United States President Donald Trump’s office said they have hired two new lawyers to lead Trump’s legal team during his Senate impeachment trial which is due to begin next week. The announcement follows news that Trump had abruptly

Trump’s second impeachment trial to begin from Feb 8

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump’s US Senate trial will begin in the second week of February, days after a fresh impeachment case against the former president is transmitted by the House, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The newly announced schedule reflects a

Trump’s redemption

As Donald Trump finished his annual State of the Union speech, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood up and ripped it apart into two pieces-quite literally. The gesture shows how bitterly divided the US Congress and even the American people are on

Nancy Pelosi rips copy of Trump’s State of the Union speech

WASHINGTON: In a shocking display of division in the US Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore in half a copy of the State of the Union address given to her by the president just as he finished speaking. The House

Trump’s show trial

The impeachment trial of the US President Donald Trump is ongoing for abuse of power related to his dealings with Ukraine and obstruction of Congress for refusing to participate in inquiries. Trump is only the third president ever in US

Impeachment trial: Bolton’s revelation puts Republicans under pressure

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate came under new pressure on Monday to require evidence and new records in his impeachment trial following a news report that a former top adviser, John Bolton, wrote a book manuscript

Trump impeachment trial: US Senate blocks three Democratic bids

WASHINGTON: On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate, dominated by the Republican defeated three Democratic attempts to acquire information and facts in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. When the third impeachment trial in US history started in earnest, Republicans voted

Trade wins for Trump

With an impeachment trial looming, US President Donald Trump has been handed two back-to-back trade wins. The US and China agreed to a truce in their trade war by signing a trade deal after two years of tensions which threatened

US Senate prepares impeachment trial of Trump

WASHINGTON: Impeachment proceedings charging President Donald Trump of misuse of power and obstruction of Parliament were submitted to the Senate on Wednesday, setting in motion a historic case that seeks to remove the US president from office. Leader of the

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial likely to start next Tuesday

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is likely to start in 7 days with key players sworn in later this week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. McConnell said on Wednesday he wanted the House of Representatives to send

Trump impeached

United States President Donald Trump has been impeached. He has become the third US president in history to be impeached after a historic vote that will set up a trial to decide whether he remains in office. After three turbulent

Trump’s impeachment closes in

US President Donald Trump is on the verge of being impeached. The US House of Representatives has approved charges over abuse of power and obstruction of justice. This sets up a historic vote that could make Trump only the third

Public impeachment of Donald Trump

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the public congressional impeachment hearings “a disgrace” and an “embarrassment” to the nation. Donald Trump, who has previously tweeted attacks on several US civil servants testifying in the probe, said he did

US House formalises Trump impeachment process

WASHINGTON: Congress formally opened a new, public phase of its corruption investigation into Donald Trump on Thursday as US lawmakers voted for the first time to advance the impeachment process targeting the US president. “Today the House takes the next

White House refuses to co-operate with Trump impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON: The White House has officially refused to co-operate with the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. A letter sent to Democratic leaders rejected it as “baseless” and “constitutionally invalid”. The White House on Tuesday rejected an impeachment inquiry launched

Trump’s impeachment

There is a new political controversy in the US involving President Donald Trump. After dodging accusations of collusion and political interference by Russia, and recommendations in the Mueller Report, no further investigation was required. This latest scandal has placed the