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Donald Trump’s impeachment trial likely to start next Tuesday

Donald Trump's impeachment trial likely to start next Tuesday
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is likely to start in 7 days with key players sworn in later this week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.
McConnell said on Wednesday he wanted the House of Representatives to send impeachment articles against Trump to the upper chamber

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McConnell told journalists, “We expect that if that happens in all probability we’re going to go through this week’s preliminary steps that could well include the chief justice coming over and swearing-in Senate members and some other kinds of housekeeping steps.”
“We’re hoping to achieve that by consensus that would set us up to launch the actual trial next Tuesday.” Trump faces charges of misuse of power and Congress obstruction, and the 100 senators would be his judge.

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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is due to be sworn in on Thursday or Friday this week to preside over the court, which should last for at least two weeks, and could continue until mid-February.
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