Hira Mani

Netizens bash Hira Mani for dancing in London concert

Hira Mani, who often remains under the limelight for cringe statements, has received a backlash online over her singing skills during her trip to Manchester. Hira along with her husband Mani was spotted vacationing together in Manchester. The couple during

Hira Mani’s former manager takes action against actress over verbal abuse

Actress Hira Mani has landed into hot waters as her former manager named Nuzhat Jaffery accused her of verbal abuse. The Mere Paas Tum Ho actress’s old manager has filed a complaint against her in the Karachi police station. According

Actress Hira Mani gets bashed for wishing SRK’s son on his bail grant

Famous Pakistani actress Hira Mani has received a serious backlash for wishing Shah Rukh Khan’s son on his bail grant, as netizens call her obsessed by Indian stars. On Saturday, the TV star Hira Mani taking to her Instagram account

Hira Mani faces backlash on PDA-packed photos with husband Mani

Actress Hira Mani, who always shares personal pictures with family, has recently faced backlash on PDA-packed photos with husband Mani. The actress, who is with her family enjoying vacations in Texas, took to Instagram and shared a picture with Mani

Actress Hira Mani robbed at gunpoint outside her home

Pakistani actress Hira Mani has reportedly been robbed at gunpoint outside her house in Karachi. In a video, circulating on social media, two gunmen could be seen snatching from Mani, who was in the driving seat of her car. The

Hira Mani wears socks on scandals, gets called out for her fashion sense

Pakistani actress Hira Mani shared a picture wearing socks on scandals and immediately received flak on social media for the fashion faux pas. The actress shared a picture on the popular site Instagram captioning “Sandal socks kay sath, hmm, interesting!!’

People are triggered by Hira and Mani celebrating Holi

Video of celebrity couple Hira and Mani celebrating and dancing in a Holi event has gone viral. Recently, Hira and Mani were spotted celebrating the Holi event. However, netizens did not like the idea of both husband and wife enjoying

Hira throws surprise party for Mani as he turns 45 years old

Actress Hira Mani has thrown a surprise party for her husband Salman Sheikh aka Mani as he turns 45 years old. Hira Mani shared pictures of her husband’s surprise birthday party where she arranged the beautiful birthday setup at the

Hira Mani shocks fans with Halime Sultan’s look

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Hira Mani’s fans have recreated the actress’ look like famous Turkish role ‘Halime Sultan’ in the drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul. Two recreational pieces of Mani were posted by her fans which was later shared by Hira Mani

Gunkut Alp greets Hira Mani’s kids in a video message

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Hira Mani has recently shared a video of Turkish actor Hakan Serim, who played the role of Günkut Alp in the drama ‘Dirilis: Ertugrul’ is seen greeting her sons.  The Do Bol actress took to Instagram and

Hira Mani gives savage reply to a fan who asked her if she was pregnant

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Hira Mani has given a savage reply to a fan who asked her whether she is expecting a child. She recently uploaded random pictures with her husband Mani with an adorable caption, “May be it’s the ‘Random

Divas dolled up during bridal couture week in Lahore

Pakistan’s biggest bridal couture week which began on 4th February is the first major fashion event held in 2021 and why not? This event includes all the high profile divas all dolled up in eastern clothes. Bridal Couture Week (PHBCW)

Hira Mani’s ‘funny’ video backfires, accused of normalizing abuse

Pakistani drama actress Hira Mani’s latest video which was meant to be funny has backfired her and landed the actress in a bit of trouble. The host turned actress recently made her singing debut by singing ‘Sawaari’, she last night

Hira Mani displeased over being not invited to actor’s wedding

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Hira Mani has expressed displeasure that she was not invited to the wedding of recently married fellow actors. ‘Kashf’ actress recently gave an interview during which she complained that actress Mira Sethi, Sarah Khan, Sajal Aly, and

Hira Mani’s husband praises her acting skills

KARACHI: The husband of Pakistani actress Hira Mani, Salman Shaikh, praised his wife and declared her a ‘genius brilliant performer’ in the drama industry. Salman Shaikh’s comments came a day after Hira was nominated for best actress for her excellent