Saudi Arabia to gradually resume Umrah from Oct 4

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will allow pilgrims residing inside the country to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage beginning on 4th October after a seven-month gap. Saudi Arabia suspended Umrah in March and later scaled back the Hajj to prevent the spread of

Umrah services to resume in phased manner: Saudi Minister

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will lift the suspension of Umrah services and visits to the holy sites in a phased manner after nine months of closure due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Mohammed Saleh Benten, Saudi Minister of Hajj and

Malcolm X’s transformation at Hajj

Countless Muslims that perform the Hajj testify that this spiritual journey is a life altering experience. This was more so for African-American Muslim Malcolm X or El-Hajj Malik El-Shahbazz in April 1964. Performing the Hajj transformed Malcolm into a believer

Hajj pilgrims to perform Waqoof-e-Arafat today

MAKKAH: The pilgrims will move to Arafat to perform the main ritual of Hajj ‘Waqoof-e-Arafat’ today. As per details, the pilgrims are staying in a special complex in Mina. They will listen to a sermon to be delivered at Nimra

Muslims pilgrims begin downsized Hajj amid pandemic

MAKKAH: Muslim pilgrims begin the annual Hajj that has been dramatically downsized this year as Saudi Arabia strives to prevent a coronavirus outbreak during the pilgrimage. The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and a must for

First batch of Hajj pilgrims start arriving in Saudi Arabia

MAKKAH: Saudi Arabia will on Wednesday begin hosting the annual Hajj pilgrimage that has dramatically downscaled due to the coronavirus pandemic and has barred millions of international pilgrims for the first time in modern history. Up to 10,000 people residing

Makkah Grand Mosque to remain closed during Eid-ul-Azha

JEDDAH: The Grand Mosque (Masjid-ul-Haram) in Makkah will remain closed to worshipers on Arafat Day and Eid-ul-Azha as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic. “We have mainly focused on the health aspect this year

Saudi officials announce ‘very limited’ Hajj from July 29

RIYADH: Saudi authorities have announced that this year’s Hajj will start on 29th July after it was scaled back to include only around 1,000 pilgrims due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s Hajj will be held under strict hygiene protocols,

Govt to start refunding Hajj dues from July 2

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to refund dues to all Hajj applicants from Thursday 2nd July after the annual pilgrimage was limited this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the

WHO chief lauds Saudi Arabia’s decision to host limited Hajj

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation (WHO) said it supported Saudi Arabia’s move to hold a limited Hajj this year, saying that putting health first is a choice all countries must make during the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking during a press conference

179,000 Pakistani pilgrims will perform Hajj this year

ISLAMABAD: As many as 179,000 intending Pakistani pilgrims will perform Hajj this year, Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said on Thursday. The minister performed the computerised balloting at his office in Islamabad to select the individual

CDA officer fraudulently performs Hajj on govt expense

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) senior officer Mahmood Ali has allegedly been involved in a wide range of corrupt practices from changing his age on official documents to secure an extension to fraudulently performing Hajj on official expense. The supreme

Religious Ministry to form RCC for resolving issues of pilgrims

ISLAMABAD: Federal Religious Ministry would constitute Rapid Response Committee (RRC) for resolving the issues of pilgrims at Mashair during hajj days. While talking to state news agency, the religious ministry spokesperson said, “The committee will be comprised of officials from

Coronavirus: After Umrah ban, is Hajj next?

The government of Saudi Arabia has taken a huge step over coronavirus outbreak. Saudi Arabia has suspended foreigners’ entry for Umrah and tourism from countries where the deadly disease has spread. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed that the

Rising Hajj costs

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory upon every Muslim once in a lifetime who can afford the holy pilgrimage. However, the ever increasing cost of Hajj is depriving people from the opportunity to perform

Haji to pay Rs490,000 under govt programs in year 2020

ISLAMABAD: While inflation has hit every operation, it has also become more expensive to perform Haj this year, but the government claims it has reduced Haj expenditure to the maximum level in order to provide relief to the citizens. The

Saudi Arabia imposes additional charges on Hajj visa

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia imposed additional charges on Hajj visas which will come into effect this year. As per details, Pakistani pilgrims would now pay 410 Riyal (Rs 16000) as additional charges.   According to the religious ministry, Saudi Arabia has

Religious Ministry confirms increase in Hajj cost this year

ISLAMABAD: From this year, an additional Rs115,000 will be charged to pilgrims in Hajj, Ministry of Religious Affairs confirmed. As per details, pilgrims will cost Rs 550,000 due to a decrease in the value of Pakistani currency and an increase

Saudi Arabia may allow women to perform Hajj without men

RIYADH: The government of Saudi Arabia has been considering eliminating the condition that would allow female pilgrims to perform the Hajj without a male guardian. According to Saudi Arabian news channel, the government has revised the visa policy, women are

5G service introduced for pilgrims in Saudia Arabia

Makkah: Saudia Arabia launches fifth-generation network (5G) service to provide quality services to the pilgrims during Hajj. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal along with government and Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Sawaha inaugurated the 5G service. The launch of the