Google Doodle honours social activist Perween Rahman on her 65th birthday

Google Doodle has celebrated the 65th birthday of Pakistani social activist, architect, and urban planner Perween Rahman, who devoted her life to uplifting marginalised communities. Perween Rahman was born on this day in 1957 in Dhaka (now Bangladesh). Following the

Google commemorates Independence Day with Derawar Fort doodle

Google has commemorated Independence Day of Pakistan with a doodle artwork depicting the historic Derawar Fort located in Cholistan desert of Punjab. “Seventy-four years ago today, Pakistan achieved independence. Today’s Doodle celebrates Pakistan Independence Day, a public holiday commemorating the

Earth Day: Google Doodle encourages everyone to plant a tree

On the occasion of Earth Day, Google published  a doodle on its homepage of a woman reading a book under a large tree while her daughter carries a sapling to plant. A video of the doodle shows people teaching their

Google Doodle honours trailbrazilers on Women’s Day

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Doodle is celebrating the annual International Women’s Day by highlighting a series of firsts throughout women’s history and shattering traditional roles for them. In a short video, Google has honoured and paid homage to many of the

Google Doodle honours novelist Bano Qudsia on 92nd birth anniversary

LAHORE: Google Doodle has honoured Pakistani novelist and stage and television playwright Bano Qudsia on her 92nd birthday anniversary. Bano Qudsia, affectionately known as Bano Aapa, is widely credited as one of the most significant Urdu language authors in modern

Google celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day with landmark doodle

ISLAMABAD: Google has commemorated Pakistan’s Independence Day in celebration with a doodle of the Khojak Tunnel located in Balochistan. The doodle artwork illustrates the fortified eastern entrance of Pakistan’s historic Khojak Tunnel, one of the nation’s oldest and longest underpasses.

Google honours Manto on his 108th birthday anniversary

LAHORE: Google has released a doodle, illustrated by Lahore-based artist Shehzil Malik, honouring renowned author, journalist, playwright, and screenwriter Saadat Hasan Manto on his 108th birthday anniversary. Known for his candid and often provocative narratives, Manto has been widely credited

Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day with game about honeybees

SAN FRANCISCO: Google marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 with an animated graphic and celebrated “our planet and one of its smallest, most critical organisms, the bee.” The special doodle features a bee hovering over green

Google Doodle thanks doctors, health workers fighting COVID-19

SEATTLE: Google is continuing the series of animated doodles to thank doctors and health workers around the world for combating COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic. Last week, the company released a simple and moving advertisement saying thank you to all