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Digital Pakistan

Huawei to support ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative

ISLAMABAD: A high-level delegation of Chinese technology giant Huawei called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and expressed interest in is realising the IT initiatives of the government. The delegation was led by Global Senior Vice President Huawei Technology Mr Hou

Will YouTube be banned in ‘Digital Pakistan’?

The Supreme Court has taken note of ‘objectionable material’ on social media and has once against hinted at banning the video-sharing platform YouTube in Pakistan. The top court objected to unregulated content on social media, particularly comments regarding the judiciary,

Tania Aidrus vows to bring Paypal, cryptocurrency to Pakistan

KARACHI: The head of Prime Minister’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative, Tania Aidrus, has pledged to bring digital payment provider PayPal and introduce cryptocurrency in the country. The former Google Executive said that she will play her role in solving the problems

Digitalizing Pakistan

If you have ever visited a government department then you would know how bureaucratic red tape leads to an extremely slow pace of work. Things may change now as Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the ambitious ‘Digital Pakistan’ program.

PM Imran Khan launches ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister launched ‘Digital Pakistan Vision’ in Islamabad and said that the government will concentrate on taking the country digitally forward. Addressing the ceremony, the prime minister termed it a huge opportunity for the nation, saying digitalization will help

Google executive quits job to lead Digital Pakistan initiative

ISLAMABAD: A senior Pakistani executive of Google Tania Aidrus has stepped down from her position at the tech giant to lead Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan initiative. She has arrived in the country from Singapore to offer her service

PM Khan to inaugurate ‘Digital Pakistan’ campaign today

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate  Digital Pakistan  campaign today (Thursday). As per reports, the inauguration ceremony will be held at Prime Minister Office in Islamabad, where Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the project. READ ALSO: PM invites