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Netizens call to boycott Zara after anti-Palestine remarks

An anti-Palestine statement by Zara’s head designer Vanessa Perilman during a conversation with a male Palestinian model has caused outrage on social media. Since then, people all around the world are aiming to boycott the retail giant Zara brand It

Saudi Arabia to open airspace, borders with Qatar

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will reopen its borders and airspace to Qatar, US and Kuwaiti officials said, a major step towards ending a diplomatic rift that has seen Riyadh lead an alliance isolating Doha. The announcement came on the eve of

Arab countries, Turkey boycott French products over Macron’s comments

DOHA: Several Arab countries and Turkey have announced the boycott of French products, protesting the recent comments made by President Emmanuel Macron on Islam. Earlier this month, Macron pledged to fight “Islamist separatism”, which he said was threatening to take

UAE ends Israeli boycott

The UAE and Israel are establishing bilateral relations among themselves at a galloping pace, but this has also divided the Muslim world and created a new rift. The UAE has filed a complaint in the UN Security Council accusing Turkey