UAE selects first Arab woman astronaut

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates has selected the first Arab woman to train as an astronaut, as the Gulf country rapidly expands into the space sector to diversify its economy. UAE Vice-President Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,

National identity crisis

The Senate passed a resolution for the mandatory teaching of Arabic in schools without many dissenting voices, reigniting a new debate on how it will shape our national identity. There is growing anxiety among the youth about the Arbabization of

Pakistan and Israel

There has been a paradigm shift in the recognition of Israel by Muslim countries ever since several Gulf Arab states normalized ties with Israel. The question remains which country would be next to establish diplomatic ties with the Jewish state

Arab countries, Turkey boycott French products over Macron’s comments

DOHA: Several Arab countries and Turkey have announced the boycott of French products, protesting the recent comments made by President Emmanuel Macron on Islam. Earlier this month, Macron pledged to fight “Islamist separatism”, which he said was threatening to take

UAE recognises Israel

In a rather surprising development, the UAE has established full diplomatic relations with Israel, making it the first Gulf Arab country. It would probably be a matter of time before other Arab countries also normalise ties after years of the

UAE launches Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has started ‘Barakah’, the first nuclear power plant of the Arab world, just days after the emirates launches its first-ever probe to Mars. The announcement was made by the oil-rich country on Eid-ul-Azha. “UAE

UAE set to make history with launch of Mars probe

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to make history on Wednesday with the scheduled launch of the ‘Hope’ mission, which will make it the first Arab nation to send a probe to Mars. A rocket carrying the unmanned spacecraft

PM Imran Khan will not attend KL Summit, confirms Mahathir

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will not participate in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Summit, said a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia. The statement said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad received a call from Imran Khan yesterday (December

Saudi Arabia becomes first Arab nation to take over G20 presidency

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia became the first Arab nation Sunday to take over the G20 presidency as it seeks to bounce back onto the world stage. The G20 presidency, which Saudi Arabia takes over from Japan, will see it host world

First Arab astronaut on ISS returns to Earth

MOSCOW: A three-man crew including an Emirati who became the first Arab to reach the International Space Station returned to Earth safely on Thursday and were in good shape. Hazzaa al-Mansoori of the United Arab Emirates touched down in the

Arab coalition endorses Benny Gantz as Israeli PM

RAMALLAH: Israel’s major Arab political parties have endorsed former Army chief Benny Gantz as new Prime Minister of Israel.  The mainstream Arab political parties have endorsed Benny Gantz in an attempt to break away the traditional political giant, Benjamin Netanyahu.