Sacrificial animals stolen in Karachi’s Manzoor Colony

KARACHI: Sacrificial animals worth around Rs250,000 have been stolen in Manzoor Colony of Karachi. According to police, six goats and three rams were stolen in the wee hours of Monday. Four men arrived at the scene in two cars and

Ahsan Khan responds to criticism over using rabbits as a prop on his talk show

Actor turned host Ahsan Khan has finally responded to the criticism he is facing for using animals as a prop on his talk show named ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’. He opened up about the controversy surrounding him and spoke

Funds embezzled in Karachi zoo, animals at risk of starvation

KARACHI: Massive irregularities have been revealed in the Karachi Zoological Gardens and Landhi Zoo managed by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) which has placed the animals at risk of starvation while many of the funds have been allegedly embezzled. Sources have

Caging animals for public entertainment is cruel and evil: Hamza Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Famous Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has said that caging animals for public entertainment is cruel and evil.  The Parwaaz Hai Junoon actor has frequently been loud and clear whenever it comes to the issues regarding human rights. The actor,

Islamabad’s only zoo closed down as last animals relocated

ISLAMABAD: The only zoo in Islamabad which drew international condemnation for its treatment of lonely elephant Kaavan has closed down after its final occupants were relocated abroad. Two Himalayan bears named Bubloo and Suzie were the last to leave the

Shut down zoos

Two Himalayan brown bears at the shambolic Islamabad zoo will be moved to Jordan and not the Ayubia National Park. This comes just weeks after elephant Kaavan, considered the loneliest in the world, was flown to Cambodia as we will

Committee formed to probe animals’ death at Islamabad Zoo

ISLAMABAD: A high-powered investigation committee has been set up by the Ministry of Climate Change to probe into the deaths of animals of Islamabad Margazar Zoo. The inquiry committee will be chaired by the Additional Secretary of the Climate Change

WHO sends team to China on coronavirus origin mission

GENEVA: World Health Organisation (WHO) has sent an epidemiologist and an animal health specialist to China to try and identify the animal source of the new coronavirus pandemic. The WHO said the advance team would be in Beijing for the

Eid-ul-Azha likely to be affected by pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic dampened the usual festivities and jovial atmosphere normally associated with Eid-ul-Fitr. It also caused massive economic losses as business remained shuttered and people reduced shopping and outdoor activities. According to conservative estimates, the country suffered a loss

Coronavirus Outbreak: Govt bans import of animals, birds

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Commerce imposed a ban on the import of any zoonotic animals or birds amid coronavirus outbreak. According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Commerce, “The Ministry has imposed a ban on import of zoonotic

Australian bushfires

While our attention has been diverted to the escalating tensions between Iran-US and the likely ramifications, there is total chaos in Australia as record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought have fueled massive bushfires across the country. The figures have

Nearly half billion animals killed in Australian wildfires

SYDNEY: Australia wildfires have taken a heavy toll on animal life. A study by the University of Sydney said close to half a billion animals and plants have been wiped out in the bush fires that erupted since September last