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Tabish Hashmi spills the beans on viral Sheikh Rasheed call

Tabish Ahmed Hashmi is a Famous Canadian Pakistani Standup Comedian (Soul.pk)

One of the best comedians of Pakistan, Tabish Hashmi, who hosts the show TBH ‘To Be Honest’, has talked about the viral video of Hareem Shah calling Sheikh Rasheed during his show.

The host was invited to a show where he spilled the beans on the viral call of Sheikh Rasheed that happened to be in his show when Hareem Shah was invited as his guest. In that show, Hareem Shah suddenly called Sheikh Rasheed and he scolded her. The clip later become viral and made headlines for days.

Talking about it, Tabish Hashmi said that it was not his. “During the show, I just took the name of Sheikh Rasheed and asked question her that if she makes a call to him, when I was in the middle of it, Hareem Shah dialed Sheikh Rasheed’s number and it instantly got connected to him, then I kept quiet for the sake of TRP, what else does a host needs.”

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Tabish Hashmi is a very famous Pakistani host who has made his name after a continuous struggle. Previously, he used to be a standup comedian and wasn’t that famous until he was given chance by Azfar Ali for a web show on Nashpati Prime.

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