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Stop mimicking photos: New Zealand launches new tourism campaign

New Zealand has launched a new tourism campaign that bars travelers to stop mimicking photos they see online and “share something new” instead.

The call was made in a two-minute video, starring comedian Tom Sainsbury as a member of the “Social Observation Squad (SOS).”

The official follows tourists to some of the country’s most famous landscapes and urges them to stop traveling “under the social influence.” He expresses, “I’ve been alerted to a situation that’s been happening a lot lately. People have been seeing those photos on social media, and they’re going to great lengths to copy them.”

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“You know them,” he adds, rattling off a list of cliched social media posts. “Hot tub back shot. Man sits quietly on the rock contemplating. Hot dog legs.” The video is a part of the New Zealand tourist board’s long-running “Do Something New” campaign. Previous installments have included a song by local celebrities Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek. The campaign comes at an awkward time for tourists, with most international travelers barred from entering the country.

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