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Social media users demand apology from TV anchor

LAHORE: Anchor Imran Riaz has received criticism for fabricating accusations against noted Islamic scholars and politicians for not speaking up against Israel.
According to the anchor, Islamic scholars including chief of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazal-ur-Rehman, have never spoken against Israel, particularly after the receiving move to established relations with Arab countries.
The TV anchor claimed that Maulana Fazl was silent over the issue because he was receiving funding from Arab countries. He said the JUI-F chief has made accusations against Prime Minister Imran Khan for being a ‘Jewish agent’ and his former wife but have themselves not commented on the situation.
However, a social media influencer in his video claims that Maulana Fazl has spoken against not recognizing Israel as a state. He even showed a clip where the JUI-F president is speaking against Isreal.
Many users have initiated a trend named #ImranRiazKhanMuafiMango and demanded an apology for bashing Islamic scholars without any evidence.

Many of them have defended and supported the stance of the TV anchor, stating that he was a notable and well-reputed journalist. They claimed that politicians like Maulana Fazl were biased and corrupt.


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