Smog-related accidents killed 18 people in Faisalabad last month

FAISALABAD: The low visibility caused by smog has killed at least 18 people and injured 3,000 in road traffic accidents in November in Faisalabad.
According to the Rescue Emergency Director Sultan, the intensity of the smog is high in the mornings, people are over-speeding and visibility is low.
He said, “People should leave their homes at a more suitable time and keep a margin for smog.”
The percentage of such accidents is high early morning and late at night. They strongly advise people to use fog lights when driving.

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A poisonous haze envelops Punjab every winter, caused by vehicle fumes, and industrial emissions but the current crisis has turned into the worst in three years.
Smog has once again hit various areas of Punjab, disrupting the routine life as the citizens are reeling under such weather conditions.
The smog is caused by a lack of rain and immense pollution. Smoke from vehicles, factories, and burning of the remains of crops could one of the major factors behind the dense smog.

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