India experiences eye-irritation as smog reaches worst levels

India experiences eye-irritation as smog reaches worst levels
NEW DELHI: The citizens have been experiencing eye-irritation in India’s capital due to smog that has affected everyday life in the city.
A poisonous haze envelops New Delhi every winter, caused by vehicle fumes, industrial emissions, and smoke from agricultural burning.
But the current crisis has turned into the worst in three years, and New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called for a range of measures to fight what he described as unbearable pollution.

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Arvind Kejriwal stated in a Twitter video, “There is smoke everywhere and people, including youngsters, kids, elderly are finding it difficult to breathe.”
The government ordered half the city’s private cars to be taken off the road, based on an odd-even registration plate system.
Schools, which were closed on Friday last week, remained shut today. The face masks were being distributed to the school children.

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Other parts of the country have also been choked by smog.
India has been facing a mounting pollution crisis over the past decade. Fourteen Indian cities including New Delhi are among the world’s top 15 most polluted cities.

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