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Shehroz Sabzwari praises ex-wife Syra for upbringing daughter Nooreh perfectly

The couple also addressed unnecessary criticism they face as a public figure (THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE)

Actors Shehroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal have appeared in several shows together where they talked about the responsibilities of husband and wife and marriage.

In the show, recently, Sadaf and Shehroz appeared and talked about staying fit and healthy, raising Shehroz’s child Nooreh and online trolls. While talking about raising Nooreh, the actor said that his daughter lives with Syra, his ex-wife. He further said that his daughter is such a well raised and perfectly trained child and it is all because of Syra. “All the credits go to Syra because the time he gets to spend Nooreh is all about playing,” he mentioned.

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While talking about the secret of staying fit, Shehroz revealed that Sadaf’s secret of staying fit is that she eats eight meals per day but in smaller portions which keeps the metabolism fast. Talking about himself, Shehroz said that his sweet days are only Sundays otherwise he does diet and workout. He further said that there is no sugar in his life except for cheat days.

The couple also addressed unnecessary criticism they face as a public figure, where Shehroz said that he only had to clarify a statement regarding him because of other family members who were not accepting the hate of people for him. Shehroz said, “There are many people in our family other than my parents who were not accepting this then I cleared it.”