Shaniera Akram heartbroken after failing to make conscious efforts over plastic waste

KARACHI: Shaniera Akram, the wife of former captain Wasim Akram has once again expressed displeasure over the litter left behind by picnickers at the Clifton beach.

Earlier today, Shaniera Akram took to Twitter and wrote, “It’s heartbreaking to make conscious efforts to reduce plastic waste and witness this.” Akram appealed to the masses to play their vital part in protecting the environment.

She wrote, “This year, promise to do better! Protect the environment, recycle & reuse plastic, reduce contribution to plastic waste. I am going to #FaceThePlastic head-on, will you?”

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In her tweet, Akram urged the food giants in Pakistan to take the responsibility of recycling their own cans, drink bottles, chip packets, and containers in a bid to make the environment healthy.

She wrote, “Food giants in Pakistan need to take responsibility by recycling their own cans, drink bottles, chip packets & food containers they sell us! The best marketing tool today is the promise of a better tomorrow. You want us to buy your product then start impressing us the right way!”