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Security guard operates on woman at Lahore’s Mayo hospital

LAHORE: In a shocking incident, a security guard impersonating as a doctor operated on a patient at Lahore’s Mayo Hospital for the greed of money.

The security guard, Waheed Butt, who was fired from his job two years ago from Lahore’s largest hospital, allegedly operated on a woman with the help of the operation theatre attendant.

Shafaqat Ali, a resident of Madina Colony in Shalimar, Lahore, said his mother Shamim Bibi had a wound in her back and was brought to the hospital’s Emergency Department for treatment.

He said that a man named Waheed Butt told him that he was a doctor and that his mother’s wound would be operated on. Waheed then transferred her to the Surgical Tower Operation Theater, where operation theatre attendant Muhammad Nadeem was also present.

Shafaqat said that Waheed performed the operation on the wound and asked him to bring the patient to his home. He charged Rs500 for the bandages at his home but when the wounds did not heal after five days and bleeding started, Waheed said that they would have to take her to the hospital again.

When he went to the hospital, Shafaqat came to know that Waheed was not a doctor but a dismissed security guard and had performed the wrong operation which had worsened the condition. He complained to the medical superintendent after which police arrested Waheed and Nadeem.

Mayo Hospital director Dr Iftikhar Ahmed said the security guard pretended to be a doctor and convinced family members of the patient for an operation and performed the wrong surgery for the greed of money. He said that an inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the incident. He further said the patient is undergoing proper treatment.

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid has taken notice of the incident and directed the Punjab healthcare secretary to investigate the matter and submit a report at the earliest.