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Security forces are targeting our houses in the dark: Imran Khan

(Photo: Dawn)

LAHORE: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused and said that the security forces are targeting his family’s houses in the dark of night.

In his message on the social networking site Twitter, Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that whenever our Prophet (peace be upon him) went to war, there were strict instructions that women, children, and the elderly should not be harmed.

In a Twitter message, Imran Khan said, “Today our own security forces are raiding our homes at midnight. Security forces are breaking the doors of houses which is clear vandalism.”

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The former prime minister said that women are being mistreated, harassed, and threatened. “If the accused is not found, his sons, father, and servants are also picked up and put in jail,” he said.

The chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf said that Rahim, the driver, and cook of his sisters, was picked up when the police could not find his son. 

Imran Khan said that Rahim had trouble breathing and since his release, he has been fighting for his life on a ventilator. “Those responsible for this terrorism clearly consider themselves above the law,” he asserted.

He said, “We used to hear about serious violations of human rights in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir but never imagined that it would happen here.” He maintained that although this policy is temporarily scaring people, it is only a matter of time before the hatred comes out in the open.

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