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SC orders closure of Kasol Aviation Authority Club and restoration of parks in Karachi

Supreme Court expresses anger over civic administration over high-rise buildings (Photo Online)

KARACHI: The Supreme Court has ordered the closure of Kasol Aviation Authority Club and restoration of Karachi parks on the issue of illegal constructions in the Karachi Registry and allotment of civil aviation lands by the Sindh government.

Allotment of civil aviation lands.

The court has ordered the senior member to appear tomorrow on the issue of allotment of civil aviation lands by the Sindh government. However, the Advocate General told the court that the senior members were ill and not be presented.

The FIA reported to the court that a case had been registered and four people had been arrested. The Additional Director FIA told the court that the revenue officers had been arrested for submitting fake documents at the time of allotment, adding that the disputed plots were in the possession of Civil Aviation.

The lawyer of the private party requested the court to look into the survey reports, we have taken the land on which the Chief Justice remarked that such survey reports also become hollow. “I have seen a lot of survey reports, the Sindh government is supporting those who work illegally,” he said.

The DG Civil Aviation told the court that four plots had been deducted on forged documents. The FIA said that the plots had been deducted by altering the revenue records. The Supreme Court directed the FIA to end the occupation of the land and said that the land should be handed over to the Civil Aviation Authority and a report should be submitted tomorrow.

Civil Aviation Club

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has expressed its indignation over the Civil Aviation Officers Club. Talking to DG Civil Aviation, the Chief Justice said, “Why a club has been set up on the land of Civil Aviation? Will you also form a housing society tomorrow? Use the land for which it has been allotted.”

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan remarked that by forming clubs you are giving membership to private people, you are carrying out illegal activities.

The Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority asked the court to allow the mess, the clubs would be closed. To which Justice Muhammad Amin replied that there was no need for it. The Supreme Court later ordered the Civil Aviation Authority to close the club.

Occupancy of welfare plots

During the hearing of the case regarding the occupation of welfare plots in Karachi, social leader Amber Ali Bhai told the court that 54 parks and many lands are under occupation, some parks have been turned into garbage bins.

The Chief Justice inquired about the construction of Lake Park. “The lake is gone, maybe, there were two or three lakes, what has been built? There were three lakes in Karachi and two lakes in Lake Park.” To which Amber Ali replied, “There is Darulaman Society, the other place is Foundation School.” Expressing anger, the Chief Justice said that where are the KMC people who were responsible.

Justice Gulzar asked the administrator to close the four lakes of Karachi. “We used to play here, we used to catch fish, these were natural lakes that were destroyed,” he said.

Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab told the court that on one side there is a public park and on the other side there is a plan tension, on one side there is a football ground.

The court inquired whether these lakes are full. Amber Ali Bhai said that lands around these lakes have been allotted, the natural beauty of these lakes has deteriorated and now there are only nine corps. Illegal shops have sprung up in the park adjacent to Lake Park, while Advocate General Sindh intervened and said that water had already run out from these lakes.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad remarked that it was such a beautiful area, how many people lived there, what has happened to the whole area. Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that the Board of Revenue has become an occupation group.

Multi-storey buildings

Referring to multi-storey buildings in the city, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that there are multi-storey buildings in big cities but if there is complete planning, look at the condition of East Center near Civic Center, remove encroachments Sitting on the belt. Who lights the light on Shara Faisal? It is usually dark.

Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab said that lights are switched on within the limits of KMC and are closed in cantonment areas. Chief Justice remarked, “I have also taken note of this. Doesn’t the law apply to cantonment owners? The flags of political parties are hung on the poles. If the flag is to be hoisted, then the flag of Pakistan should be hoisted.”

Murtaza Wahab said that KPT stops us from any court order. The plantation was started at important places but obstacles were put in place. Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan should make legislation regarding the management of parks. Later, the court ordered Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab to restore the city’s parks.

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