Salma Hayek sheds light on pressure of being a certain size in Hollywood

Hollywood star Salma Hayek has opened up about the challenges she faced during the course of her career because of the pressure of weight loss.

In conversation with an international magazine, the 54 years old actress revealed that she has felt the pressure of being a specific size even as she grew older. “As you get older, you’re expected not to age,” said Hayek.

“I’ve lost very little. You go, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa.’ You gain it so fast, but it takes so long to lose it,” she said. The actor went on and said that she knows that regardless of “how much pressure and judgment I put on it, my body has been incredibly generous.”

“I don’t think I am some hot tamale, but I know that for my age, for the lifestyle that I lived, I’m not doing too badly. And I attribute all of this to meditation,” she shared with the outlet.

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“It makes you experience your body with a lightness that’s really delicious and satisfying. With the breathing and the going inside, you explore your body in a different way, and you learn not to go crazy with the expectations,” she added. Hayek further said that she has been regularly meditating since her 30s.