Saba Qamar leaves fans amazed with her new hair colour

Actress Saba Qamar has amazed people with her amazing hair colour transformation.

Saba Qamar took to Instagram and shared photos from Istanbul, Turkey. She can be seen sitting in an expensive and luxurious car.

The actress in a caption wrote, “Theek se betho log Kya Kahenge,” (Sit properly, what will people say). Saba Qamar’s photos were liked more than 90,000 times in a short time. While this week, the photos of the actress shared from Turkey were liked almost 200,000 times.

Through her new post, it can be seen that the actress went through a complete transformation of her hairstyle and as well as hair colour, which seriously, looks dope on her.

Even Bilal Ashraf praised the actress on her Instagram account and Uzair Hasan was quoted as saying ‘Aj Vekheyga Crowd’.