Russia says US interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs

MOSCOW: Russia says the United States is interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs while Prime Minister Imran Khan is being punished for visiting Russia.

According to details, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted to the threatening letter by saying that Imran Khan was pressured to cancel his visit to Russia while Pakistan rejected the US pressure.

A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said the United States had decided to punish Prime Minister Imran Khan for not canceling the visit. Suddenly a no-confidence motion was filed against him. Donald Lu condemned Pakistan’s balanced response to the Ukraine issue.

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It is to be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly said that a no-confidence motion against him was hatched abroad and financial assistance is also being provided to him. The prime minister visited Moscow two months ago at the invitation of the Russian president.

In the wake of the Ukraine tensions, the international community pressured Pakistan to openly condemn the Russian attack, but the Imran Khan government pursued a policy of balanced response. 

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