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Ready for talks with North Korea without preconditions: US

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WASHINGTON: The United States (US) has said it is ready to hold talks with the North Korea without preconditions as denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remains their goal.

In his daily press briefing in Washington, US State department spokesperson Ned Price while responding to a question regarding a possible summit between South and North Korea, said the United States supports inter-Korean dialogue as well as engagement and cooperation between both the states.   

We are ready to hold talks with the North Korea on the nuclear issue without any preconditions, he was quoted as saying.     

It is to be noted that that North Korea had fired an unidentified projectile towards the sea off its east coast on Tuesday.

Japan’s defence ministry in its reaction to the test said it appeared to be a ballistic missile fired by the North Korea.

The announcement came just before North Korea’s Ambassador to the United Nations Kim Song urged the United States to give up its hostile policy towards Pyongyang.

He said no one can deny his country’s right to self-defence and to test weapons.

Kim Song said the country is just shoring up its self-defence and if the United States drops its hostile policy, it would respond “willingly at any time” to offers to talks.

On September 15, North Korea and South Korea both had test fired ballistic missiles on Wednesday, the latest in an arms race that has seen both countries develop increasingly sophisticated weapons.