Re-emergence of terrorism

With the worsening situation across the border with each passing day, Pakistan seems to face the brunt of the fallout and instability. There have been several incidents of seemingly unrelated terror incidents which could be linked to the developing situation in Afghanistan.

The military’s spokesperson has said the growing number of terrorism incidents and recent attacks on security forces are connected with the situation in Afghanistan. He said there is no organized terrorist structure in the country and the ones across the border are been backed by India. Pakistan had sealed the Afghan border and deployed troops at unmanned crossings to stop the infiltration of insurgents. Law enforcement agencies and security forces should be on high alert to prevent any untoward incidents in the country.

The army has apparently stepped forward in deploying border guards as the security situation has recently worsened in Afghanistan and the Taliban are taking more territories with every passing day. They now control half of the country’s district and even a crucial border crossing near Chaman. Now Afghanistan’s neighbours are deploying troops to prevent as the conflict gets close to them.

The main security challenge lies in the re-emergence of terrorist networks due to the ongoing Afghan conflict and restoration of terrorist groups in Balochistan. It is also noteworthy that the province has seen a marked increase in attacks targeting security forces. It is imperative to remain vigilant and monitor the situation to thwart any nefarious designs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has already said that Pakistan will seal the border in case the Taliban take over Afghanistan through military force. Although Pakistan is making its best efforts to avoid the fallout, it is certain that hostile forces will attempt to take advantage of the situation. Pakistan is also bracing for an influx of refugees and is drawing a humanitarian response plan to host around half a million people.

More importantly, Pakistan needs to be prepared for the deteriorating situation on the Afghan side. The border may be sealed and locked but it could still give an opportunity to miscreants. Pakistan has fought a long war against terrorism and cannot allow hard-earned gains and the sacrifices of our valiant security forces to be wasted.