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Rawalpindi police torture widow, snatch charity money

RAWALPINDI: A woman has complained that police brutally assaulted her and even snatched her money which she had received from charity.
Nafisa Bibi reached the office of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in Rawalpindi, complaining she was stopped by two policemen of Sadiqabad police station on Murree Road in Shamsbad on 31st July.
The widowed woman claimed she was taking her son Danial for a medical test at a laboratory when police stopped her and snatched an amount of Rs16,000 which she received as charity. 
The woman said she was then taken to the police station and assaulted. She showed the doctor’s prescription but the policemen did not leave her. She said there were two policemen, one in uniform and another in plain clothes.
She said that police had made the shameful allegation that she was running a prostitution racket. She assured she was not assured in such activities and worked as a household help to feed her children.
She said police kept her it confined all night and then threw her outside her house at sunrise. She said police questioned her elder son and threatened him. The woman received injuries to her head, leg and elbow and has submitted a complaint to human right organisations.
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