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Quality of govt hospitals should be improved to restore public confidence: Khair un Nisa

Nurses play an important role in treatment of any patient.

Nurses are the underappreciated heroes of the healthcare system. They provide over 90 percent of the healthcare in the world but are barely thought of when it comes time to thank our health providers.

Along with the services of nurses, their education and training are also very important. Director Nursing Sindh Khairun Nisa Khan is playing an important role in making this sacred profession more dignified and for the education of nurses.

MM News: How important is nursing during treatment?

Khair un Nisa: Nurses play an important role in treatment of any patient. Nurses educate patients and the public on the prevention of illness, provide care and assist in cures, participate in rehabilitation, and provide support. A nurse also keeps the doctor informed along with the medication and care of the patient. The doctor only prescribes but a nurse with her hard work, dedication and sincerity gives new life to the patient and in the health care system, the nurse is considered the backbone without which the system cannot function.

MM News: Why the nursing sector has lost its stature in Pakistan?

Khair un Nisa: The nursing department loses its prestige due to some quack nurses. Some people with vested interests put quack nurses in small hospitals, which makes the whole sector look suspicious. I request the Healthcare Commission to hold accountable those who defame the sacred profession and to check the licenses of qualified nurses and then allow them to work.

MM News: Is there any difference between men and women in nursing education?

Khair un Nisa: Nowadays, the gender gap between male and female nurses in nursing sector has disappeared. It would be better to say that today more boys than girls are eager to become nurses. We are giving admission to boys and girls keeping in view the treatment facilities for men and women so that the balance is maintained. A female nurse can easily treat a male patient, however, objections are raised when a male nurse treats female patient. So, we have to make decisions while keeping in view the ratio.

MM News: Can we compare today’s nurses with Florence Nightingale?

Khair un Nisa: The nursing sector is now too advanced and we have not one Florence but many Florence Nightingale. In addition to treat patients in the hospital, a female nurse also takes care of the children at home and takes care of the whole family. And when it comes to the profession, there are researchers, highly qualified nurses in the field of nursing today and a lot of work is being done.

MM News: What are the challenges facing the nursing sector in Sindh?

Khair un Nisa: The nursing sector is facing difficulties due to pressure from various mafias and is often blackmailed and harassed in various ways for doing wrong.

But I know I have to face Almighty Allah after death. So I never encourage wrongdoing and thank God we have maintained the merit system and there will be no compromise on education and training in future also.

MM News: What has changed in the quality of nursing since your arrival?

Khair un Nisa: When I took over the responsibility things were tangled and the exams were a year behind but we improved things and made the exam permanent. Due to the pandemic and problems of the previous administration, the system had to be backed up. However, we revived the examination system and conducted exams despite the corona emergency and the fake admissions were identified and removed. Now more than 5,000 of our nurses are serving after completing their education.

MM News:  What are your plans for further improvement of nursing sector?

Khair un Nisa: We are planning a Nursing University and in the next five years we will try to make this project a reality. There are no nursing colleges in 12 districts of Sindh, so we are trying to set up such colleges in these districts and start four-year programmes. In addition, several projects are being prepared which will be completed as soon as possible.

MM News: What problems do you often face as a female officer?

Khair un Nisa: Being a woman, I face difficulties in many places, but I am happy that my husband always supports me, which gives me the courage to devote full time to the office. My family is making the biggest sacrifices because of my responsibilities, which is why I have been able to bring about reforms in the field of nursing today.

MM News: How can public confidence be restored in government hospitals?

Khair un Nisa: We cannot improve the quality until the staff shortage is met and when the quality deteriorates the public confidence will not be restored. Another problem in government hospitals is the lack of modern equipment. The government should build as many hospitals as possible to provide better services to the people and create posts of staff nurses so that the quality of services can be improved by filling the staff shortage.

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