President Arif Alvi is now on TikTok

President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi. Photo: File

ISLAMABAD: President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi has officially joined the popular video-sharing platform TikTok. The announcement was made on President Alvi’s Twitter account.

“The President of Pakistan is now on TikTok!” the post read, adding, “To spread the message of positivity and motivation for the youth of Pakistan, we will keep pushing inspiring videos for the TikTok users.”

A video has been posted on the president’s TikTok account already. It’s a snippet from a speech that President Alvi made in the past, the message of which is directed towards the youth.

The news is making rounds on social media and people have posted all kinds of reactions to the news. Many users are welcoming the decision and applauding the political move.

One user said it was a great way to reach out to the “nikammi” youth. “I felt shocked and disappointed at first. Then I realised that it’s a good way to try to reach out and convey some positive message to our “nikammi” youth, who waste most of their time watching useless stuff,” she wrote.

Another user on Twitter called the move “pragmatic” and an “excellent idea”. The comment section of President Alvi’s first TikTok video is also filled with jubilant TikTok users who are happy to have him on board.

It should be recalled that earlier this month, the Sindh High Court had suspended the app. The decision was later reversed.