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Power play

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

According to my post on Facebook in August last year, it seems like both the umpires and their favorite team are still playing together against the opposition, but now I think this game has changed.

Until then, there had been no indication from any quarters that in the case of the extension, the team of umpires was in the process of rounding up the emperor’s kingdom, and no such thing had been said by any analyst. But I not only wrote it but also gave some other hints in its favor.

It seemed unbelievable in those circumstances, so most people rejected it. Now everyone is saying that the match had changed at the extension point. And now it is being played in such a way that the big umpire sees its loss in the victory of both the teams.

Then in June or July of this year, I mentioned that the big umpire was telling the Captain to change the small umpire. But the captain did not agree. All eyes were on Maryam Nawaz’s smoky speeches, so most did not admit it.

Many were assuming that the umpire and the Captain were on the same page. If they weren’t on the same page, why would Maryam giving such speeches? But when the issue of notification of DG ISI came up, now everyone is shocked and saying the same thing that I mentioned a year ago.

Consider how long this time has been wasted. Throughout this period, the big umpires have been a regular target of Captain and the opposition has been thinking that they are all on the same page. They could not take advantage of the divisive situation in the government team.

When the PDM was planning to march towards Rawalpindi last year, the DG ISPR had said in a press conference that there was no reason for them to march towards Pindi. Even this clear indication could not be understood. If the big Umpire was the target of the Captain, then there was really no reason to go to Pindi.

The direction should have been Islamabad where the Captain and the smaller umpire were playing “games” together. But PDM, which was talking about going to Pindi, didn’t even go to Islamabad.

The N-League, through its nurturing analysts, made it clear that there could be no longer a long march after the PPP split. But how can it be denied that the long march is an expression of the people’s power and that the people’s power is not with the PPP.

So what difference does it make whether PPP is part of PDM or not? The people’s power of the long march was to come from Punjab of N-League and Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This non-use of public power is enough to justify the duplicity of the PML-N.

Perhaps this was the occasion when Maulana Fazlur Rehman came to the conclusion that he should take matters into his own hands instead of relying on these two major parties. He quietly settled his affairs with those with whom the N-League and the PPP had to settle, namely the Umpire. That is why the most trusted accent today is that of Maulana.

Maulana has settled his issues with regard to the two provinces while the N-League is now in talks. In order to understand the current situation, it is important to keep in mind that notification six was hit on the first ball of the first over of the second power play. The match is now in the power play stage. It can be anything. Sixes can be hit consecutively and wickets can also be fall in an attempt to hit sixes.

That’s why everyone is so careful. The captain, who has been ensuring the presence of the younger umpire in the match till November 20, has been trying to secure his next election by enacting legislation on voting machine and giving overseas Pakistanis the right to vote.

But in the first round, the premier saw that some players of his team had joined hands with the other side. Attempts were made to convene a joint sitting of the parliament to achieve the goal, but it turned out that the things were opposite.

Therefore, the meeting was adjourned and a message was sent that if they were not given a chance to free hit on No-ball, they would issue a notification and dismiss the big umpire. Thus, they were given a free hit thinking that the match should continue.

But at the same time, Maryam Nawaz again targeted the small umpire and not only sent a message of goodwill to the big umpire but also convinced the small umpire that he is the weakest in the current situation. There is no doubt about it. Not only is the big umpire at the mercy of a captain’s notification, but the small umpire is also on a signature of the big umpire.

It still takes heart to act on the notification that the captain threatens, because in doing so, the entire “ICC” can attack them. But there is no obstacle in the signature of a big umpire.

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