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Police should take action for violations regardless of position: PM

PM Imran Khan inaugurated Eagle Squad at Islamabad Safe City headquarters. Source: APP

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that an effective policing system was inevitable for prosperity as peace and rule of law were prerequisites for wealth creation and attracting investment.

“The police is supposed to ensure law enforcement. Law enforcement does not mean to put only poor vendors in jail. You should rather be lenient to them but strict to the powerful law violators,” the prime minister said.

He was addressing the inauguration of Eagle Squad comprising 100 well-equipped patrol bikes for strict vigilance against street crimes across the city while being in constant connectivity with Islamabad Safe City headquarters.

Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Inspector General Jamilur Rehman and Senator Faisal Javed attended the event besides the police officials who performed their duties of monitoring the city’s streets and roads through cameras installed across the city.

The prime minister said if someone violated law, the police must take action regardless of his position “even if he is Imran Khan.” He said only the societies with rule of law could prosper and repeatedly cited Hadith calling for uniform laws and indiscriminate action against the criminals.

The prime minister said in 60s Pakistan was progressing fast and enjoyed respect among comity of nations but it was undermined after the rule of law was compromised.

The prime minister assured the interior ministry of complete support to further upgrade the Safe City project which would save manpower who otherwise have to bear harsh weather conditions while being deputed at checkposts.

He said Eagle Squad was a better way to check street crimes and a country with peace and rule of law always attracted investment. He said it would create a good impression for the country when the foreign investors would witness a protected environment in the federal capital.

As per details, the Rs29 million project also consisted of training 500 police personnel who, while being on duty, would carry primary weapon MP5 and Glok Pistol 9mm as secondary weapons. The bike patrol would also be equipped with LTE sets and could be GIS mapped and GPS based positions.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said the Eagle Squad would replace the police check posts which used to cause traffic mess particularly for the commuters moving towards Murree. He said all police check posts had been removed except one near French Embassy.

He said the ICT Police had also been equipped with hi-tech vehicles and another 16 would be added as the federal government had allocated sufficient budget for the project. He said 300 police personnel removed from check posts would be used for the Eagle Squad.

The interior minister pointed out the shortage of women police personnel and sought approval to enhance their strength besides requesting the prime minister to approve a law and order allowance for ICT police just like provinces.

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