Pfizer aims to ship COVID-19 vaccine doses within hours of approval

LONDON: Albert Bourla, Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer, a company that develops vaccines against the coronavirus, has said that normal life is likely to be restored after the complete success of the vaccine.

The head of Pfizer, who has claimed about the vaccine developed by his company that its results have been found up to 95 percent, has said, “We all have to be very careful until the human immunity to the virus is created.”

The head of Pfizer stressed that there is a need for us to use masks and ensure social distance. “Initially, we were not sure about the vaccine, but now that the vaccine is ready and the results are encouraging,” said Albert Borla. It takes a little patience to achieve this, he added.

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The head of Pfizer said, “I believe that the last six months of 2021 will be very different for many of us.”

In an interview, he said that when we all get the required amount of vaccine, our normal life will also be restored.

In response to a question, the head of Pfizer told that his company had already developed 20 million doses of the vaccine and was preparing to complete it if allowed by global regulatory authorities.

Albert Borla said the shipping of the vaccine would be completed within a few hours of receiving permission. “We just need permission for that,” he said.