Pakistan’s only fully electric food truck is here

Technology has the power to do many things, and changing the world is one of them. The innovation of electric cars has changed the aspect of transportation. Electric vehicles are also launched in Pakistan and people are taking it on a different level.
If you’re in Karachi and love to enjoy street food you should watch out for Pakistan’s only fully electric food truck. Papa Amazing Kitchen is a food truck restaurant that is serving various delicious items in a very different way.
Pakistan’s Only Fully Electric Food Truck
Instead of choosing a luxury place to set up a fast-food joint, the guys at Papa Amazing Kitchen decided to make and serve burgers through a truck.
Talking to M.M News, Waqar – the owner – informed that the truck is fully electric and the only in Pakistan. “Once the truck fully charged, it can run for almost 80 kilometres at the speed of 40 km/h. The truck doesn’t need any electricity as it can generate it through batteries,” he added.

The food truck owner informed that the facility can give business through your quality of food. “The equipment for preparing food are operated through gas. The equipment includes Hot Plate, two fryers, and four normal stoves,” he informed.

The truck also consists of an automatic machine through which water came in the dishwasher and have also a proper draining system with attached tanks. “The truck doesn’t need any type of maintenance because it’s fully electric and the battery can be operational till 3 years,” he remarked.
“If you own an electric food vehicle you can start this facility with a very small investment and almost 3 to 4 people can work at a time in this moveable truck. Our government should provide relief for such businesses so the masses can get many benefits from it,” Waqar said.

This huge pink truck serves fries and different burgers in both chicken and beef varieties and also everyone’s favourite Anday wala burger.

Nearly every item is served in a normal white cardboard packing. Papa Amazing Kitchen food truck is usually parked at Hill Park Chowrangi opposite cafe Saima Fine Tower.
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