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Pakistani movie ‘The Donkey King’ to release in China

'The Donkey King' to release in China as Imran Khan govt expands exports (Netflix)

Acclaimed Pakistani animated movie ‘The Donkey King’ will be released in Chinese cinemas on 19th November, four years after its release in Pakistan.

The highest-grossing Pakistani animated movie has already hit cinemas in more than 10 countries, including Spain, South Korea, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Taiwan. The film will be released in Chinese cinemas after its translation.

The movie has already been dubbed into English and has been released on Amazon Prime for viewers in the US and UK. Director Aziz Jindani said, “We are very happy to see our film gaining worldwide acclaim.”

“The release of the film in theaters in China is the last frontier of this journey. We hope that it will open the door for the release of more Pakistani films in China in the future,” he said. It is to be noted that the story of The Donkey King is based on an animal kingdom called Azad Nagar, whose king, the lion, retires and decides to hand over his kingdom to a new king.

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The story of the film becomes interesting when a donkey is nominated as the king of the kingdom. The donkey is manipulated by a cunning fox for this position, but the donkey is not ready to become the new king of the kingdom. 

The movie was released across Pakistan in October 2018. In the film, many famous actors have dubbed the voices of animal characters. Hina Dilpazeer has voiced the character of a cunning fox, Rambo played the voice of the donkey, while other actors including Javed Sheikh and Faisal Qureshi have also voiced for the characters in the movie. 

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