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Pakistani man crosses LoC to meet his love in India

NEW DELHI: We have been hearing that love doesn’t have any boudaries and in one such incident, a Pakistani man named Muhammad Ahmar from Bahawalpur fell in love with an Indian girl on social media and reached India. 

Ahmar fell in love with a 21-year-old Indian girl, living in Mumbai. 

The girl, on the other hand, was not serious with Ahmar.

Last month, Muhammad Ahmar crossed the Pak-India border illegally. There is a desert between Pakistan and India which is called Thar here and Rajasthan in India.

When the Indian security forces saw Muhammad Ahmar stopped and searched him. Indian officials recovered Rs500 note from the Pakistani youth instead of weapons.

If any pigeon reaches India from Pakistan, it is well investigated. However, Indian officials were surprised when Rs500 currency note came out.

During the question and answer session, Muhammad Ahmar said that he was in love with a girl from Mumbai whose search started.

Arriving in India at the invitation of the girl’s arrival in Mumbai, the young man said that he had to take illegal action after his visa application was rejected. The Indian official said that Muhammad Ahmar did not even know that the distance between Rajasthan and Mumbai was 1,400 km.

Muhammad Ahmar was arrested in Sri Ganganagar district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Investigators found the girl who was a college student and then the love claim turned out to be false. The girl said that she was not serious, she had jokingly invited him to come to Mumbai.

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