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Pakistani Ambassador honours ATF Bahrain Tennis winners

source: The Nation

LAHORE: The Ambassador of Pakistan honours Rizwan brothers, winners of Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) Bahrain Tennis Championship 2021.

The rising tennis star players in Pakistan Hussnain Ali, Haider Ali and Hamza Ali concluded the Bahrain tour 2021 with earning 2 gold medals, one silver and one bronze. On Sunday, the Rizwan brothers were honored for their outstanding performance in Bahrain by Pakistan’s Ambassador Muhammad Ayub.

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Meanwhile, encouraging the young talent Ayub said they had made Pakistan very proud. “We are all overjoyed at the success of young Pakistani tennis players, who have bright futures ahead”, he further added.

However, at the event organized by the Bahrain Tennis Federation (BTF) the three talented youngsters represented Pakistan in the (ATF) event immensely with zeal and passion. Rizwan brothers even thanked the authorities for providing them with the greatest opportunity to represent Pakistan at the international level.