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Pakistan Hajj Mission deploys over 100 guides to assist pilgrims at Grand Mosque

Tourist visa-holders not allowed to perform Hajj, announces Saudi Arabia

MAKKAH MUKARMA: The Pakistan Hajj Mission has deployed over 100 well-trained male and female Al Haram guides at every entry and exit point of Masjid Al Haram to assist Pakistani pilgrims in locating their assigned transportation for their return journey to their residences.

These dedicated Haram guides, proudly displaying Pakistani flags and sporting distinctive green caps and vests are strategically positioned at various entrances such as Bab Abdul Aziz, Bab Umrah, Bab Fahd and Bab Abdul Salam.

Passengers are efficiently collected after Friday prayers from Ajyad stop, conveniently situated in front of Haram Sharif. They are then smoothly transported to Maskhuta utilizing shuttle services. From Maskhuta, a seamless transition takes place as the pilgrims are further conveyed to their respective residences via modern buses.

The primary role of the Haram guides is to provide valuable assistance and guidance to the pilgrims, ensuring that they are directed towards the buses that will take them comfortably to their assigned accommodations within the seven sectors.

To ensure maximum convenience for the pilgrims, the buses for each sector are strategically stationed at designated locations. This meticulous arrangement ensures that the pilgrims encounter no difficulties as they navigate their way to the buses, subsequently boarding them for a smooth journey that leads them directly to the doorsteps of their assigned residences.

Overall, with the presence of these dedicated Haram guides and the well-organized transportation system, the pilgrims experience a seamless and hassle-free process as they embark on their return journey after fulfilling their spiritual obligations.

As per the most recent data, Saudi Arabia has received a cumulative number of around 37,000 pilgrims from Pakistan, with 7,900 of them having arrived in the holy city of Makkah Mukarma thus far.

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