No one is allowed to undermine judiciary: CJP Gulzar

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Gulzar Ahmed has asserted that the judiciary was constitutionally independent and no one was allowed to undermine its independence.

The Chief Justice expressed his views while addressing a ceremony held In Islamabad today (Monday) to observe the start of the Judicial Year 2020-21.

“Judiciary shall continue to uphold the supremacy of the constitution to foster justice in all circumstances,” he said, adding that justice cannot be delivered and fundamental rights of the people cannot be protected unless the Judges are fully independent.

He further said that the Constitution of Pakistan mandates in its Preamble that the independence of the judiciary shall be fully secured. “We may ask ourselves why is it that the Courts are so very important for the functioning of our Constitutional system,” he added.

“The answer to this question lies in the very simple fact ours is a government of laws not of men. Yet, laws, on their own, are of little use,” he remarked.

Referring to the duties of Judges, he said that it was not only a privilege to be a Judge but a heavy-duty was cast upon Judges. “Even under the oath, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and not allow their personal interest to influence the official conduct or official decisions,” he added.

Commenting on the challenges, CJP asserted that the biggest challenge faced by Pakistan’s judicial system was the backlog of cases. “In order to reduce the pendency of cases, various decisions were taken, which proved beneficial for the smooth functioning of the Court,” he remarked.

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