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NKATI protests against excessive load shedding in Karachi

KARACHI: North Karachi Association of Trade and Industry (NKATI) leaders have strongly protested against eight hours’ load shedding in industries. 
NKATI patron-in-chief Moiz Khan and President Naseem Akhtar appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan to direct K-Electric to provide uninterrupted power to industries in Karachi. 
In a statement, NKATI leaders said that K-Electric had threatened to cut off power for eight hours in the North Karachi industrial area on the pretext of shortage of furnace oil while 80 percent of K-Electric’s power generation depended on natural gas and RLNG.  
Furnace Oil is an excuse and deliberate long load shedding in industries seems to be a conspiracy to destroy Karachi’s industries.  “Energy is the basic need of the industries and how will the industrial run if there is no electricity”, they added. 
The K-Electric authorities had assured the industries not to carry out load shedding, but then suddenly a bomb of load shedding was dropped on an hour’s notice, the leaders further added. 
They feared that unannounced load shedding is already taking place every 2 hours and now several hours long load shedding will have to end the shift in factories from 11 pm to 6 am which will affect 35 percent of production and will also have a very negative impact on exports while workers will lose their jobs.  
Capt. A Moiz Khan and Naseem Akhtar further said that the industries were already suffering due to COVID-19 and were heading towards ruin, The NKATI leaders appealed to the prime minister to take notice of this and solve the long-standing problem of the industrialists and save the country’s economy from destruction. 

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