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Nida Yasir trolled for lack of racing car knowledge in resurfaced video

The resurfaced video of the interview dates back to 2016. Source: Galaxy Lollywood.

Morning show host Nida Yasir was mercilessly trolled on social media after a clip of an old interview recently went viral.

The video dates back to 2016 when Nida invited two NUST students who had invented their own Formula 1 racing car and were going to the Formula Student in the United States.

Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq Waqar were invited to the show to highlight their project but were left dumbfounded by Nida’s questions.

In the resurfaced video, Nida can be seen asking the guests about how race cars work. The host goes on to inquire whether the Formula cars can seat more than a single person.

To which, Aleem responded, “Actually, it is a formula car. So only one person can sit.” Nida then quipped, “Oh, so it’s just a formula for now? Have you done an experiment on any car?”

The engineers were left baffled and responded, “No, it’s a formula car. We’ve made one. It’s a racecar.” Nida then questioned, “So, does it drive as fast as a petrol car?”

The video was recently reshared and went viral for Nida Yasir’s bizarre questions and not doing any research before calling her guests on the show. Nida was also mocked for her lack of understanding of racing cars and what Formula 1 was.

Most people who saw the video were left shaking their heads, while others watched and shared it for entertainment.